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Latest News

As the cinematic landscape of the Arab world evolves, Rotana Studios stands as a pivotal influence, particularly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With its rich history in producing successful Saudi movies, Rotana Studios is uniquely positioned to spearhead the growth of Saudi cinema.


Boasting the title of the largest Arabic movie library globally, Rotana Studios, a subsidiary of the Rotana media group, has been a pioneer in the film production and distribution feiled. With over 1700 movies in its vast collection, Rotana Studios has become a cinematic institution, playing a vital role in shaping the cultural narrative of the Arab world.


Rotana Studios’ commitment to the Saudi film industry is shown by its long-standing legacy in producing successful Saudi movies. As the key distributor and producer of Arabic movies, the studio is poised to be the catalyst in the development and expansion of the Saudi cinema landscape.


In essence, Rotana Studios is not only a cinematic powerhouse but also a cultural ambassador, playing a pivotal role in shaping the cinematic narrative of Saudi Arabia and the broader Arab world.


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